S08 – Wood Carving Set of 8 Knives

MRSP £199.99

Small Whittling Knife C1
Wood carving bench knife C2
Small Chip Carving Knife C6
Small Detail Wood Carving Knife C7
Small Cutting Knife C8
Skew Knife C12
Spoon Carving Knife SK1
Spoon Carving Knife SK2
Honing Compound Bar P1
Long Leather Strop LS3
12 Pocket Canvas Tool Roll TR12

Product Code: S08

This perfect set of 8 knives in tool roll is intended for cutting out spoons, bowls, kuksa, wood sculpture and other small products. The set for cutting the spoons has all the necessary tools to cut a wooden spoon or kuksa on its own. The set for woodcarving includes whittling knife, thin delicate knife, sculpting general knife, beveled knife, chip carving knife, delicate sculpting knife and 2 hook knives with 25 and 30 mm diameter.