S05 – Geometric Wood Carving Knife Set

MRSP £95.99

Geometric Carving Knife G10
Geometric Carving Knife G10S
Geometric Carving Knife G11S
Skew Knife C12
4 Pocket Canvas Tool Roll TR4

Product Code: S05

Perfect for geometric woodcarving, this tool set is a great find! The set of 4 knives for geometric wood carving consists of 4 specialized knives for making long and short lines and other geometric elements and for execution of undercutting works. With this set you can perform different geometric wood carvings, letters cuttings with different complexity. The knife blade is made of high carbon steel, hardened and correctly sharpened. The cutting edge holds the sharpening well. The handles of the tools are made of ash wood and covered with natural linseed oil. The handles have a great and convenient shape ensuring they are comfortable even after hours of continuous carving.